I. Gene Cloning
Gene Mutagenesis
siRNA and miRNA
Knockout and Knockin Vector Construction
II. Gene Discovery
Library Construction
Library Screening
5' and 3' RACE
Gene Synthesis
Gene Isoforms
III. Protein-Protein Interaction
Yeast 2 Hybrid Screen
Protein Expression
IV. Cell Culture and Recombinant Virus
Stable Cell Line
Virus Production
V. Molecular Diagnostics
Mouse Genotyping
Bacteria and Fungi Identification

Rapid Amplification of cDNA Ends - 5' RACE & 3' RACE

Obtaining a full-length cDNA is one of the important, and often one of the difficult steps in gene hunting and analysis. Rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) technology has been widely used for discovering the missing portions of cDNA clones.

To expand the utility of RACE technology, NorClone has made improvements, especially on 5’ RACE. We have developed Power-RACE protocol. Our 5’ and 3’ Power-RACE services include:


   1) Design the primers based on sequence provided by you.

   2) Perform 5’ and 3’ Power-RACE reactions.

   3) Sequence the 5’ and 3’ Power-RACE PCR products.

   4) Perform end-to-end PCR.

   5) Clone the full-length cDNA into a TA cloning vector or vector of your choice.

You provide:

   1) A small known cDNA sequence.

   2) Total RNA materials.

You will receive:

   1) 5 g of cloned full-length cDNA plasmid.

   2) Stab culture of E. coli carrying the full-length cDNA plasmid.

   3) Project report including sequencing results.

Please contact us for a detailed quote or for more information.


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